Gifts in Wills

Why leave a gift in your Will to Sheffield Hospitals Charity.
By leaving us a gift in your Will you’ll be helping patients, their families and our NHS staff right here in Sheffield.

A quarter of everything we achieve is thanks to gifts in Wills.

Some people choose to leave a gift in their Will to say thank you for the care they’ve received. For others, it’s simply a way to ensure that their friends, family and people across Sheffield have access to the very best care when they need it most. Including Sheffield Hospitals Charity in your Will is easier than you might think.

How to leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift to Sheffield Hospitals Charity is simple, but we do encourage you to get advice from a solicitor when drawing up your Will.

These useful tips will help you with your preparation before you see a Will-making professional.

1. Think about your assets
Once you’ve chosen your solicitor, you’ll need to think about what assets are likely to make up your estate after you die. This could include money, property, and the value of any jewellery, antiques or collectables that you own – minus the value of any debts you might have, like a mortgage or credit card loan.

2. Consider the people and causes that matter to you
Start by thinking about the loved ones you’d like to include in your Will. Make sure you have their full names and addresses. After that, you might want to consider leaving a gift to Sheffield Hospitals Charity. You’ll need our full address and Charity number:

Sheffield Hospitals Charity, Wycliffe House, Northern General Hospital, Herries Road, Sheffield, S5 7AT

Registered Charity No. 1169762

3. The details of your gift
The gifts you leave in your Will are special and personal to you. You can choose to give a specific amount of money (known as a pecuniary gift) or a percentage of what’s left of your estate (known as a residuary gift). You might also like to leave specific items to friends and family, like a piece of jewellery that has a sentimental value.

If you choose to make a gift to Sheffield Hospitals Charity, think about what you’d like your gift to achieve and if you’d like to choose where your gift is spent. Or you can leave it for us to use where we know it is needed most.

4. Appointing roles in your Will
Your Executors are the people named in your Will who will organise your estate after your death. They can be family members, friends or professionals (like solicitors or accountants). You can choose a mix of people to act as your Executors, and they should be people you trust to look after everything and carry out the wishes in your Will.

If you’re planning to choose loved ones to be your Executors, it’s a good idea to discuss this with them first, to make sure they are happy to be appointed.

What’s the best way to remember Sheffield Hospitals Charity in my Will?

It’s completely your decision, and any gift that you choose to leave will be gratefully received. The best way to benefit a charity is often by leaving a percentage of your estate (a residuary legacy), as this means that your gift won’t decrease in value due to inflation.

Gifts left for our general charitable purposes are really important to us, as we can spend them wherever the need is greatest at the time we receive them. If you prefer to support an area that is close to your heart you are of course very welcome to do so.

Should I let you know that I’ve included Sheffield Hospitals Charity in my Will?

There’s no obligation for you to tell us that you’ve chosen to leave a gift in your Will – but if you’re happy to let us know, we would really appreciate it.

This means that we can keep you up to date about how gifts to Sheffield Hospitals Charity are helping local patients, it gives us a clear idea of your wishes, and we’d love the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for your kind support.

You can let us know about your gift by:

Phone: 0114 226 7351


Post: Sheffield Hospitals Charity, Wycliffe House, Northern General Hospital, Herries Road, Sheffield, S5 7AT

Our legacy promise

Including a gift to Sheffield Hospitals Charity in your Will is a very special thing to do. If you choose to support us in this way, we promise that:

We absolutely recognise that your friends and family come first

We will respect your privacy and your decisions at all times, and will not pass on any details of your Will or other confidential information

We will do our best to help in any way we can, but we will never seek to replace proper legal advice, or put any pressure on your choices

We will handle any gift left to us efficiently, but also with care, sensitivity and respect

We will always apply a gift according to the terms of the Will. Where there is any ambiguity or confusion, we will work with Executors and solicitors to ensure that the intentions of the Will are followed as closely as possible

As with every donation we receive, we will use any gift left to us wisely, to achieve the maximum benefit for Sheffield’s NHS patients and staff.

Get started

You can request your free Gift in Wills guide from us at Sheffield Hospitals Charity. Our guide has lots of useful information to help you with leaving a gift in your Will.

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